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22 April
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  • hummingbird133@livejournal.com
I guess in two simple words I can be described as a Cat Lady! Maybe a little crazy too but who doesn't love a crazy cat lady. I have two fur babies of my own Missy and Tilly who are part of my family and definitely not the "family pets"...

I am also a mum of two teenagers - Caitlyn 17 and Allie 12 and if I had to explain what my life has been like raising two girls? Well it's kind of like a roller coaster with it's ups and downs, loops, anxiety and a mad rush of adrenaline! It is hard at times but is the best ride of my life!!

I am currently looking for full time work being unemployed is tough especially when you have children to raise and a roof to uphold as well as feeding and clothing your children...

I post a lot about my life in my journal posts so if you are prepared for a lot of cat posts then hopefully you will enjoy them. If not then you probably won't.

Humming Bird x

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